Whoever said teachers don’t look smart?

I had a request from a terrific teacher: “Now that back to school shopping is in full swing can you post some ideas for business casual for teachers/school employees? Nobody at my school wears jackets/blazers yet I need a third piece due to temperature extremes. I wear a lot of cardigans but don’t want to limit myself. I like dresses and skirts but structured sheath dresses and/or pencil skirts are a bit too formal. Thanks so much!”

Teachers can be good-lookin’ too! Let’s not tap the oversized drop-waisted dresses and khakis with ribbed sweaters. There’s so much more. Thus, the above looks: each is covered up but cute. 1) A spring/summer dress crosses over into the fall with jeans underneath and a draped cardi over top; 2) a more traditional look with wide-waist banded black pants, a sweater and a scarf for coziness; 3) An Elizabeth & James tunic dress with tights; and 4) a version of the standard jean dress but with a SoWest-flavored sweater, and clogs.

I appreciate teachers. Thank you for teaching our children.

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  1. pcsbreakfastclub said: Love these! Longer cotton or cotton blend scarves (in spring and summer) and wool or cashmere (in fall and winter) are my favorite accessories for year round comfort.
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