What to wear to an interview at a traditional sort of company…when you are 40 lbs overweight (your words, not mine!):

  • Remember that your intelligence, skills and talents are of the utmost importance: Bring your interviewer’s interest up to your face/your eyes. Wear colors that work for your coloring; wear makeup (sad but true, statistics prove that people respond more positively to women in the workplace when they wear moderate makeup. Fight it or work with it. Your choice.).
  • Enhance and detract: Play up your assets. Full hour-glass figure? Show off your smaller waist with a belt; wear a jacket to disguise your sides.
  • A second layer always looks more polished and it can flow over any bumps you don’t love. Remember, you want a garment to flow over your curves, not tent them.
  • Skinny bits rule: Wear a heel with a low front to expose the top of your feet; wear a moderate V-neck or scoop to emphasize your clavicle. These tips won’t get you the job, but you’ll feel good!
  • Wrap dresses are a gift! Wear shape wear underneath. It won’t kill you for a couple hours. (And I would like to say that wrap dresses do not work on EVERY woman - like a small chested pear/dew drop.)

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