Eight Professional Dress Tips for Big Guys

When people get heavy, comfort often becomes more important than appearance. We begin to limit the way we dress because of the greater drive to be comfortable. It’s very understandable.

What we don’t realize is that we can be comfortable and still look great and professional. Here are eight tips for a big and tall man (note in my set I repeated the same tip twice and I was too lazy to change it):

  1. Flat front pants look better than pleated. Generally men have straight hips - you want to emphasize that with flat-fronts. Pleated pants make everyone look bigger. You may have to get your pants tailored - that’s ok.
  2. Consider monochromatic dressing. You know how people always say, “Black makes me look thinner!” Not necessarily - the trick is that they are dressing monochromatically - all in one color or color family - and that does trick the eye.
  3. A second piece on top always makes you look more put together. A jacket that fits beautifully emphasizes shoulders and skims any lumps and bumps enhancing the inverted V-shape that every man wants.
  4. Wear shirts that have vertical stripes.
  5. And tuck your shirts in - we want to see your hips.
  6. Wear a wider belt.
  7. Because you’re larger than the average bear, you can carry off bigger accessories - like the belt and like a watch with a wide band and big face.
  8. The point of professional dressing is that we want people to take us seriously - and to pay attention to our message - the content of what we are trying to convey. So do pay attention to your face: hair groomed, random hairs plucked (this is really for guys who are hitting their prime). If you have facial hair, keep it super-well groomed.

As always, let your personality be in the forefront. Because there is nothing more appealing than a man who knows himself and is engaged in others.

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