Blogger Imogen Lamport of Inside Out Style just did a great post on "How to Come Up with Hundreds of Blog Post Ideas." This article is a must read if you struggle with how to come up with ideas for posts. Great tips for immediate use.

I’m not going to repeat what she says because she says it all so well. Read it. But I would like to add three ideas to help your blog stand out:

  • Point of View. If you’re a regular Tumblr (or other format) blogger, you obviously have enough interest in a topic to want to share your point of view with the world. Point of view (or POV) is vital. It provides the voice to your blog. What makes your perspective unique? If you can hit that nail on the head, your blog will have a more definitive flavor - and readers like that. It also makes it easier to come up with blog post ideas. 
  • Passion. If you’ve started a blog and feel “meh” about it, there’s a reason: you are not passionate about the topic or the way you’ve chosen to approach the topic. I started a blog before Professionality and I let it die. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I didn’t have the right focus on my passion area - which is professional image - helping professionals to succeed through appearance, behavior and communication. I let that starter blog die and started Professionality on Tumblr. I’ve been happy ever since - excited to share my perspective, ideas, inspiration and quirkiness.
  • Platform. My first blog was on WordPress; Professionality is on Tumblr. For me, the dashboard and, primarily, visual aspect of Tumblr works: ideas are constantly being triggered by other bloggers’ posts. I love the ability to repost, giving them credit, and then adding my thoughts. I also like how easy Tumblr is to use. I do many sets on Polyvore and with a click I can place my set into my Tumblr drafts for later editing, queueing and posting. Obviously, Tumblr works for me. But another format might work better for you. I know many people who swear by WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal. Find what’s right for you. Here’s a good article comparing WordPress and Blogger.
  • Determination.Honestly, if you aren’t a determined sort of person, the kind of person who is willing to persevere in the face of lack of interest, inspiration and time, you are probably not going to be a consistent blogger. And consistency is vital for blog success. I check many of my favorite blogs every day, don’t you? And when there is nothing new, I’m disappointed. If that keeps happening, I stop checking every day. The tools and tips that Imogen writes about in her post can help you to be less reliant on your sheer will to keep posting because the ideas and systems will be there to help to move forward.

Happy blogging!